Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Easter Book Shelf

With Easter just around the corner I have replaced Miss GL Valentines books with Easter themed ones. I love teaching the girls about the seasons, important celebrations and festivals through books. We try to centre our reading, activities and crafts around what's current for a bit of variety.

My girls have their birthdays very close to Christmas... I know bad planning! Which is wonderful as we can have Frozen themed birthday parties (another post coming soon on that!), the down side is that they have a long time to wait for a new toy or something to celebrate. I love to make them little gift baskets for Easter as the girls tend receive their adult weight in chocolate from very generous family and friends. Their Easter baskets tend to contain a new book, some craft things and a cuddly bunny. Over the last three years we have collected a lovely collection of themed books.

Top shelf 

Bottom shelf

All of the books are very well loved in our house. The Odd Egg isn't necessarily about Easter but its a beautifully written and illustrated book about how not to take an egg by it's shell. The Easter bunny surprise is a lovely pop up book which the girls love.

I will be back soon to show you what is in the girls Easter baskets.

Thanks for reading

Kirsty xx

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