Monday, 14 March 2016

The Ordinary Moments #3

“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.” 
― A.A. Milne

When I was younger I loved going to school, to me it was a place to see my friends, learn interesting things about the world, talk through the not so interesting things, try to discover what was me, eat chicken burgers (pre-veggie days!) or chocolate crunch (yum!) for lunch, let my mind open and imagine and importantly an opportunity to laugh the day away. What's not to like about that?! 

Miss GL has just started her education path, which is immensely exciting and inevitably also a little emotional for daddy and I. It's hard to hand over your precious soul to another person, trusting that they will care for them, pick them up if they fall, whilst encouraging them to learn and see the world a new. Sometimes you just have to take that leap for the very person that is most important. Miss GL was definitely ready to start preschool, she is really blossoming which is wonderful to see.

This week saw the biggest adventure in her school life yet, a school trip! A wonderful ride on the school mini bus to a local craft centre for a day of play and activities, what a fantastic treat!

Miss GL has been excited about the trip since the moment she was told about it... who would she sit next to, would she be next to the window or isle, who else will be going, could she manage a whole day, what special pack lunch would she get, would they see bread at the bread factory as they drove past, would the teacher be OK to drive fast, what songs will they sing on the way, will she have to sit next to a boy, I hope he's not a smelly boy (all the boys smell lovely btw!) ?? Oh so many questions buzzing around in her wonderful little head. 

The day arrived! Although we had been up with excitement for a while we somehow managed to be running late, in the hurry into the classroom Miss GL fell over, hurting her knee. All the children rallied around her whilst she cried, "no boys near me! I need a plaster!" in her most dramatic voice! Her best friend soon saw her straight and the excitement was back again, phew!! 

All the children were like cans of pop that had been shuck up, fizzing over with excitement! It was wonderful to see how delighted they were to be heading of on an adventure together. With her being the youngest in the class she looked really little climbing on the bus with her packed lunch in her carrier bag, yet at the same time really tall, like she could achieve anything she set her mind to.  

I then spent the morning being a helicopter mum hovering local to the craft centre, just in case! Thankful, 'it' never came and a wonderful day was had by all! When I collected her she was floating with joy! She then spent the evening telling us how awesome the school bus is... after all the journey is always the best bit!


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  1. So cute and I am glad she enjoyed her first school trip. It made me laugh about the school bus bit, I always remember that being the best bit too! xx