Sunday, 31 January 2016

Matalan Spring Home Haul

I am a great believer that its not how much something costs, its how well you style it that matters. I am a great bargain hunter, even more so now I am a mummy. I love how I can pick up a few home accessories and quickly change the look of a room in a relatively in expensive way.

One of my favourite home stores is Matalan, So imagine my delight when I had to go near our local store on Friday!

Since my last visit they have gotten lots of lovely new stock in. I absolutely love every item on this spring cleaning display. Their household range is really reasonable and incredibly similar to the more expensive brands. I adore the laundry basket and with a basket like this it might make doing the laundry slightly more appealing, right?!

I sadly didn't come away with any of these household items, as my basket was filled instead with these gorgeous tea, coffee and sugar canisters that were £10. I've been looking for some big canisters for a while as I love a good cuppa tea so go through a lot of tea bags! I have just sold my old canisters on my local buy and sell page for £10 so this meant that they didn't cost me any extra and i could justify getting them!

I loved this hen egg storage basket, it looks so much prettier than my normal egg boxes! We have solid oak worktops and whilst they may look nice they aren't particularly practical, so when I saw this stylish yet functional trivet I had to get it. These few items have given my kitchen a new fresh look.

I also picked up this beautiful large pomegranate and amber candle which was a fantastic £10. It smells gorgeous, very similar to my more expensive branded pomegranate candle.

I'd love to hear if any nice home wares have caught your eye recently.

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Weekend Tot Style #1

This Mama Life

We are joining in the Weekend Tot Style link up ran by ThisMamaLife and  ClearlyBex which is combing Weekend Mini Style and Trendy Tot Thursday.

I love seeing on social media all the gorgeous outfits that people chose for their little cuties. It inspires me to deviate from our comfort zone and to mix things up a bit. Our household is very much a tutu and sparkles sort of house, so be warned!

Todays outfit

I tend to dress the girls in similar colours as twinning is winning in my opinion!

Tutu Tesco, Top Asda, Cardigan TU, Tights Next                                 Top Next, Leggings Next, Cardigan H&M

Miss GL's outfit is a bargain delight! This gorgeous cream tutu was £5 in the Tesco clothing sale, its perfect.... not too full not too flat! we teamed it with this George of Asda £3.50 messy hair don't care top and bargain TU sale £3 gold cardigan which adds an extra bit of sparkle. Cream thick Next tights, M&S pony leopard print Chelsea boots and a sparkly next hair clip finished the look. Pretty gorgeous if you ask me!

Mini Miss GL wore this gorgeous sparkly star top from Next which was part of a three pack for £10, along with sparkly leggings also from Next for £4.50, which were both last seasons stock. I picked up this gorgeous metallic spotty cardigan from H£M reduced to a fabulous £5. I wasn't able to get a picture of Mini Miss GL as she's just learnt to speed walk so is a constant blur atm!

Here are the outfits I've chosen for the girls for the weekend.

Miss GL is wearing tomorrow for our day out in Manchester this gorgeous two piece tutu and cardigan set from TK Maxx with this beautiful ballet Next top. On Sunday my hubby is taking them for a daddy day of fun hunting for the Stick Man in the woods whilst I have my monthly day of fun with mum! So atm I have this pretty Zara dress and Tesco tights for her to wear underneath her puddlesuit and oh so lovely Peppa Pig wellie bobs!

Mini Miss GL has this gorgeous JoJo Maman Bebe duck dress to wear tomorrow with their grippy tights. On Sunday for under her snowsuit she will wear this gorgeous (but slightly stained from pasta sauce!) Monsoon set. I actually got this outfit for free as I used my Monsoon loyalty card vouchers so I was thrilled! I just love the ruffly bum on theses leggings.

And for their feet....

Mini Miss GL got her first pair of Clarks shoes this week which was well an epic fail, she hates them! If any of you have any tips on how to help her love her shoes please comment below. I am hoping that she will grow to love them and realise the world is her oyster with pretty shoes on her feet! Miss GL has far too many shoes for a just turned 3 year old, however is rather taken atm with her M&S pony leopard Chelsea boots.

Thanks for reading! xx

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Joules Littlies Spring Lust List

Welcome back to my littlies spring Joules clothing lust list!

The latest Joules brochure landed on my doormat this weekend much to mine and my eldest daughters delight! Miss GL was delighted to see new tutus to add to her collection, as she's very much a tutu, sparkles and wellies sort of girl!

There were lots of lovely pieces in the brochure, some of which weren't available on the website today. Here are a few pieces that are currently my favourites for my Biggest Love.

I am absolutely in love with this Messy Hair Don't Care top, as this really sums my LG up! It will look fabulous with either this ditsy print or this lovely zig zag print tutu. After all a girl can never have too many pretty fluffy tutus... right?!

The baby girl spring range didn't disappoint either! In fact every item in the range would have looked great in my Littlest Loves wardrobe. Here are a few of my favourites.

My Littlest Love really suits floral prints so this beautiful cotton dress is a must for her spring wardrobe. I love the baby blue corsage dress as it looks very fresh with a nautical hint. I am a big fan of Joules cotton dresses as they're very versatile as we tend to team them with tights, leggings and a little cardigan. I love these floral leggings which would look lovely with either of these dresses. Oh my gosh how cute are these twin pack of patterned bottom leggings with a horse and bunny on the bum!

I am definitely going to keep a look out for a Joules discount code so I can add these beauties to the girls wardrobe!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you again soon! xx

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Welcome to Glittery Lining

Welcome to Glittery Lining a UK family, home and lifestyle blog for busy mamas!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Kirsty I'm mama to two gorgeous girls who are one and three years old and married to my Mr. We live in Cheshire but don't go thinking this blog will be like watching 'Cheshire Housewives'! I'm very much a shabby (not so) chic Cheshire Housewife! This blog its more about my bargain finds, up cycling projects, how I achieve a 'shabby chic' look in our home on a budget, how I dress my girls and myself on a budget whilst still looking relatively trendy!

I am a great believer in looking for the 'silver lining' in life. As I am a lover of all things sparkly and glittery... the name Glittery Lining was formed for the blog. Don't get me wrong, sometimes when raising two littlies, it is hard to seeing the glitter lining...but it is there! For instance, this morning my littliest lady decided to throw her bowl of cereal like a frisby from her highchair spraying the kitchen with cheerios that seemed to attach themselves to everything in sight! Arrrghhh! Instead of letting something relatively insignificant annoy me, we went on a 'detective hunt' to find where they'd landed and used our little person toy cleaning set to clear it up, then fed them to the birds. We actually had a good time! Sometimes the ordinary things in life are the greatest.