Sunday, 13 March 2016

Easter baskets for babies

My little girls were only a few months old for their first Easter and no where near the weaning stage, therefore a small Easter egg was definitely off limits for that first year. I wanted the girls to be involved in the Easter celebrations so I got together a few little bits that they could benefit from at the time or in the near future. With Easter baskets it is quite easy to fill with Easter specific items you won't get all that much use out of after the day, so I try to have a mix of Easter themed items and also some things that we could use for a long time to come, so I feel like my money is well spent!

Here are a few bits that I included in our their baby Easter baskets, as well as a few extra things that I've spotted which unfortunately weren't available at the time. All items are from JoJo Maman Bebe as I know as a busy mum it's hard to get time to shop around and get together little gifts that would all look good together. We are very lucky to have a couple of JoJo stores not far from us, their items are fantastic quality so definitely worth paying a little bit more. They also run some great offers, discounts and promotions which I tend to keep an eye out for. JoJo have even got a really handy page now for suggested Easter gifts (here) packed with even more gorgeous items!


I absolutely adore the Guess How Much I Love You books, so much so that both girls received this book for their first Easters. Currently at 1 and 3 years old they love to listen to us rad this story to them but it's also an easy story to learn to read with too so hopefully will be enjoyed for a few years yet. 

This baby socks are so lovely and snuggly and at £3.50 for two pairs it's pretty reasonable. This pull along duck would be a great toy for babies that are learning to sit up or move around and is still played with now by my two. 

The egg colour game is something I'm going to add to my order list for Mini Miss GL as we don't have anything like this and I'm sure it would be well played with. We adore these Peter Rabbit Rattles and the bunny teether, they're great for a teething baby to chomp on. 

These JoJo bunnies we also buy for a newborn as they're super cheap (£3.50), super cute, easy to clean and also safe for babies, an all round winner! I wish they'd had these milestone cards around when my two were little enough as they're just beautiful for capturing special milestones with. For babies who are just about to start or are currently on the weaning stage this Guess How Much I Love You breakfast set is a gorgeous addition! 

When my two were babies I tried my best to keep them in babygrows for as long as possible, as I just think they look really cute in them. I think all babies would look absolutely adorable in this beautiful baby sleep suit! They even do a matching hat for the littlies too! 

I hope this helps you to get a couple of little bits for your lovely little ones this Easter! I will be back soon with what I'm including in my girls Easter baskets. I am sure they will receive their weight in chocolate from generous friends and family so I've decided to continue giving them a few gifts instead. You can also see our Easter book collection here if you're looking for some nice stories to read to your little ones.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty xx

*Image credits, JoJo Maman Bebe website

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