Monday, 29 February 2016

Children's toys

When you become a mummy you slowly become used to the fact that your house will look like a toy shop a lot of the time. Now I am a mummy for two little ladies, just turned one and three, my house often looks like the Disney shop has exploded in my living room!

Although I have to admit that the brightly coloured noisy toys that we have are very well played with and loved, I do like to pack them away out of sight in pretty storage boxes when they're not being used.

Our home is obviously as shared space and has to work for us all. It is really important that the children have space to fire their imagination and creativity. Equally so I want our home to coordinate and house select pieces that are pleasing to the eye as well as our hearts.

Unfortunately I don't have any toys from my childhood to pass on to my girls. Therefore I am keen to invest in quality wooden toys which I hope will stand the test of time, whilst looking good in our home at the same time.

I also try to find toys that fit in with our décor, which is white, baby blue and grey downstairs and pale pink in their rooms. Thankfully nowadays it is quite easy to coordinate your toys with your child's nursery and your home décor to create a seamless classic theme. Here are some ways of doing this.

Mono chrome 

Firstly I have to admit I am a secret lover of the mono-chrome look. I don't think it would work in our home but I would love to have a spare space where I could give it a go. If we were to have a little boy in the future I definitely think I would go for a black and white theme in his nursery. Here are a few of my favourites;

When I was looking online for monochrome toys I stumbled across a fantastic website that stocked lots of unusual funky items, called Lullabuy where you can search via theme. I also loved this personalised toy storage box from My 1st Years  which I am adding to my wish list for the girls along with this lovely white play table from JoJo Maman Bebe.

Grey and pale blue 

Downstairs our home is decorated in a white / grey / baby blue pallet.I think these toys would look fantastic in our house

We have recently sold our wooden toy kitchen as it was getting a bit too small for the two girls to play with together, I would love to either get this blue country Tidlo or this white grey GLTC kitchen for them to play with. I am also in love with this grey rocking scooter!


Here are some super girly toys

All of these toys would look amazing in a pink princess room. My favourite has to be the little scooter trike from GLTC. The train table is on our 'to get list' for the girls as they are Thomas Tank obsessed!

I love homes with feature colour pops, particularly yellow. I am going to have a look now for some wonderful colourful toys!

Thanks for reading! xx

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