Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Siblings (March 16)

The Me and Mine Project

There's 23 months between my beautiful two which has always felt like a big age gap, although lately that gap seems to be getting smaller and smaller as Mini GL is able to partake in more activities. Their favourite thing to play at the moment is Doctors and nurses and in their little pretend cafe. It is wonderful to see Mini GL toddle off to get the medical kit to make her sister all better, or make a 'tuppa eee' for her at their cafe or sell her something in their shop. It must be lovely to have a little playmate who enthusiastically gets involved in your imaginary wonderland!

Their bond is definitely getting fiercer with every day that passes. They're becoming very protective over one another and in tune with each others emotions. Nowadays if one gets told off the other one also gets upset, equally if one is feeling a little down the other sister is there with open arms for a cuddle.

Just after this photograph was taken my big girl turned to her sister to say "you're all I ever wanted". I couldn't put it better myself, you're both all I ever wanted and infinitely more for myself but as siblings too. You both make us so very proud.

Miss GL has been desperate to hold her sisters hand as she walks however she is very independent and doesn't like to hold hands as she walks, coincidentally nor did her sister at that age. So imagine Miss GL's delight when her sister let her hold hands all the way around the garden centre this weekend! She showed her off to all the old ladies cooing over them saying she was her prize darling!

May this bond forever continue to soar! May you always smell the roses tulips together! Life is so good with your best friend by your side!

Siblings is a wonderful link up project, find out more here 


  1. Theres 25 months between my eldest 2 and I found they had such a close bond when younger...up until they both started school! Make the most of it!

    1. Ooh I do hope I get a couple more years of them being close! My little lady gets so upset when her sister is at preschool for a few hours so school is going to be a wrench! 😂

  2. I love the matching outfits, those ponchos are gorgeous! There is a two year gap between each of my kids and they all get along so well, lovely to hear them express it too though isn't it.