Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weekend Tot Style #9/10

This Mama Life
Hello again!

We are back again joining in the Weekend Tot Style link up. It is one of my favourite link ups as I just adore children's clothes and seeing how the other mummies style their gorgeous little ones!

We missed last week purely because we had such a busy Easter weekend which was lovely! For those of you who didnt see the pictures on Instagram I thought you might like to see what the girls wore over the Easter weekend seem as we didn't do a post.

Here Mini GL is wearing a hand-me-down Next pink floral dress. Miss GL is wearing a JoJo Maman Bebe top and leggings along with a F&F  tutu.

I'm fed up of having pictures taken face!!! haha!! This is her favourite dress as Daddy has a motorbike! This is an old Next dress and Next leggings.

Mini Miss is wearing a gorgeous F&F top and leggings, which set me back a whopping £5! She's also got on a gorgeous bunny cardigan from TU which was super cute for Easter! I picked that up in their 25% clothing event so it was £7.50 which I think is brilliant as it's great quality and super duper cute!

On Easter Saturday we went for an Easter egg hunt at my parents and then out for brunch with the Easter Bunny.... thankfully only Mini GL saw him remove his bunny head before out of sight as that would've totally ruined the magic for Miss GL!

Miss GL wore here gorgeous JoJo Maman Bebe duck dress and Miss GL wore her stunning Monsoon dress which has bunnies in teacups embroidered on the bottom.

How cute is this guide dog in training that we met at the garden centre!!

On Easter Sunday for a family meal they wore gorgeous yellow dresses from George of Asda. Miss GL's was £5 in the introductory clothing event, it's really beautiful too! Mini's was £10 but still fantastic value for all the tulle!

I didn't get a clear picture of them both dressed together!! Oh well they had a lovely day!

On Easter Monday the girls wore their matching skirts from a fantastic seller I found on Instagram called Pumpkin & Violet they are so beautifully made and have a very special meaning to us,

And for this weekend...... 

The girls were invited to a Fairy and Pirate party yesterday (Saturday) which was brilliant fun! Miss GL wore this stunning outfit from TK Maxx which we've had in our dressing up box for ages. 
I couldn't find a small enough costume for Mini GL so she just wore her Next party outfit and a gorgeous pair of Monsoon fairy wings. 

Today Miss GL is wearing a gorgeous Boden bunny top and H&M tutu in a mint green ...Mini GL is back in her JoJo duck dress. Ill try and get a picture of them together later and bob it up on my Instagram! 

Thanks for reading! xx

Saturday, 19 March 2016

We are two months old!

Glittery Lining has been up and running now for a couple of months already, where has the time gone?! Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to visit my little corner of the internet,

I decided to set up the blog as a way of documenting our family adventures, home improvements, milestones, hopes and wishes. I thought it would be something to look back on from time to time to remember those amazing moments, and I know that when I'm an old lady I will live for these memories.

Glittery Lining is a family, home and lifestyle blog because it combines all my favourite things! I know as a reader of many blogs I like to read new things regularly whilst sipping on my cup of tea. I like posts that I relate to; I love reading about the joys and joys of parenting, posts on how to decorate my home stylishly on a budget, wonderful yet quick recipes and fun things to do with the family. That's what I hope to create here, something that I would like to stumble upon.

I am going to set myself a post a day challenge as I know I love to read new things and I hope that any of you wonderful lot that visit this blog will also like to!

I am thinking of having the following schedule;

Monday - Our weekend in pictures
Tuesday - Meal planner
Wednesday - Wonderful Wednesday 
Thursday - Top Tips Thursday
Friday - Freebie Friday
Saturday - Weekend Tots Style
Sunday - The Ordinary Moments

If there is anything you would like to read on blog or any suggestions please do comment below, I love getting comments!

Please also don't forget that we are one Twitter, Facebook and Instagram... please pop over and like us! We don't have many followers at the minute so it'd be great if you could like and share!

Thanks so much for reading!

Kirsty xx

Weekend Tot Style #8

This Mama Life
Hello again!

We are back again joining in the Weekend Tot Style link up! It is one of my favourite link ups as I just adore children's clothes and seeing how the other mummies style their gorgeous little ones! My major weaknesses are clothes for the girls and homewares, I would happily do without a new dress, take away or even a bottle of Prosecco, for a new tutu for the girls! Please do head over to see all the other mummies and their trendy tots!

Saturday is a jam packed day of children's parties, so tutus and sparkles at the ready for the girls.. and paracetamol at the ready for me!!

Miss GL is wearing her Next tutu which we got in the sales for £5! It;s actually a size 12-18 months but is massive so still too big for her. I just love all the glittery stars on it. We've teamed it with sparkly Next Leggings, a gorgeous H&M  top, a Zara ballerina zip up jacket. She adores her pink Next Chelsea boots ATM but I will try to get her in her party shoes!

Mini GL is wearing a lovely two piece outfit from TU at a bargain £4! It's actually got snowflakes on it but from a distance it looks more like stars.

Check out my Instagram for Sundays outfit!

Thanks for reading! xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Siblings (March 16)

The Me and Mine Project

There's 23 months between my beautiful two which has always felt like a big age gap, although lately that gap seems to be getting smaller and smaller as Mini GL is able to partake in more activities. Their favourite thing to play at the moment is Doctors and nurses and in their little pretend cafe. It is wonderful to see Mini GL toddle off to get the medical kit to make her sister all better, or make a 'tuppa eee' for her at their cafe or sell her something in their shop. It must be lovely to have a little playmate who enthusiastically gets involved in your imaginary wonderland!

Their bond is definitely getting fiercer with every day that passes. They're becoming very protective over one another and in tune with each others emotions. Nowadays if one gets told off the other one also gets upset, equally if one is feeling a little down the other sister is there with open arms for a cuddle.

Just after this photograph was taken my big girl turned to her sister to say "you're all I ever wanted". I couldn't put it better myself, you're both all I ever wanted and infinitely more for myself but as siblings too. You both make us so very proud.

Miss GL has been desperate to hold her sisters hand as she walks however she is very independent and doesn't like to hold hands as she walks, coincidentally nor did her sister at that age. So imagine Miss GL's delight when her sister let her hold hands all the way around the garden centre this weekend! She showed her off to all the old ladies cooing over them saying she was her prize darling!

May this bond forever continue to soar! May you always smell the roses tulips together! Life is so good with your best friend by your side!

Siblings is a wonderful link up project, find out more here 

Monday, 14 March 2016

The Ordinary Moments #3

“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.” 
― A.A. Milne

When I was younger I loved going to school, to me it was a place to see my friends, learn interesting things about the world, talk through the not so interesting things, try to discover what was me, eat chicken burgers (pre-veggie days!) or chocolate crunch (yum!) for lunch, let my mind open and imagine and importantly an opportunity to laugh the day away. What's not to like about that?! 

Miss GL has just started her education path, which is immensely exciting and inevitably also a little emotional for daddy and I. It's hard to hand over your precious soul to another person, trusting that they will care for them, pick them up if they fall, whilst encouraging them to learn and see the world a new. Sometimes you just have to take that leap for the very person that is most important. Miss GL was definitely ready to start preschool, she is really blossoming which is wonderful to see.

This week saw the biggest adventure in her school life yet, a school trip! A wonderful ride on the school mini bus to a local craft centre for a day of play and activities, what a fantastic treat!

Miss GL has been excited about the trip since the moment she was told about it... who would she sit next to, would she be next to the window or isle, who else will be going, could she manage a whole day, what special pack lunch would she get, would they see bread at the bread factory as they drove past, would the teacher be OK to drive fast, what songs will they sing on the way, will she have to sit next to a boy, I hope he's not a smelly boy (all the boys smell lovely btw!) ?? Oh so many questions buzzing around in her wonderful little head. 

The day arrived! Although we had been up with excitement for a while we somehow managed to be running late, in the hurry into the classroom Miss GL fell over, hurting her knee. All the children rallied around her whilst she cried, "no boys near me! I need a plaster!" in her most dramatic voice! Her best friend soon saw her straight and the excitement was back again, phew!! 

All the children were like cans of pop that had been shuck up, fizzing over with excitement! It was wonderful to see how delighted they were to be heading of on an adventure together. With her being the youngest in the class she looked really little climbing on the bus with her packed lunch in her carrier bag, yet at the same time really tall, like she could achieve anything she set her mind to.  

I then spent the morning being a helicopter mum hovering local to the craft centre, just in case! Thankful, 'it' never came and a wonderful day was had by all! When I collected her she was floating with joy! She then spent the evening telling us how awesome the school bus is... after all the journey is always the best bit!


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Easter baskets for babies

My little girls were only a few months old for their first Easter and no where near the weaning stage, therefore a small Easter egg was definitely off limits for that first year. I wanted the girls to be involved in the Easter celebrations so I got together a few little bits that they could benefit from at the time or in the near future. With Easter baskets it is quite easy to fill with Easter specific items you won't get all that much use out of after the day, so I try to have a mix of Easter themed items and also some things that we could use for a long time to come, so I feel like my money is well spent!

Here are a few bits that I included in our their baby Easter baskets, as well as a few extra things that I've spotted which unfortunately weren't available at the time. All items are from JoJo Maman Bebe as I know as a busy mum it's hard to get time to shop around and get together little gifts that would all look good together. We are very lucky to have a couple of JoJo stores not far from us, their items are fantastic quality so definitely worth paying a little bit more. They also run some great offers, discounts and promotions which I tend to keep an eye out for. JoJo have even got a really handy page now for suggested Easter gifts (here) packed with even more gorgeous items!


I absolutely adore the Guess How Much I Love You books, so much so that both girls received this book for their first Easters. Currently at 1 and 3 years old they love to listen to us rad this story to them but it's also an easy story to learn to read with too so hopefully will be enjoyed for a few years yet. 

This baby socks are so lovely and snuggly and at £3.50 for two pairs it's pretty reasonable. This pull along duck would be a great toy for babies that are learning to sit up or move around and is still played with now by my two. 

The egg colour game is something I'm going to add to my order list for Mini Miss GL as we don't have anything like this and I'm sure it would be well played with. We adore these Peter Rabbit Rattles and the bunny teether, they're great for a teething baby to chomp on. 

These JoJo bunnies we also buy for a newborn as they're super cheap (£3.50), super cute, easy to clean and also safe for babies, an all round winner! I wish they'd had these milestone cards around when my two were little enough as they're just beautiful for capturing special milestones with. For babies who are just about to start or are currently on the weaning stage this Guess How Much I Love You breakfast set is a gorgeous addition! 

When my two were babies I tried my best to keep them in babygrows for as long as possible, as I just think they look really cute in them. I think all babies would look absolutely adorable in this beautiful baby sleep suit! They even do a matching hat for the littlies too! 

I hope this helps you to get a couple of little bits for your lovely little ones this Easter! I will be back soon with what I'm including in my girls Easter baskets. I am sure they will receive their weight in chocolate from generous friends and family so I've decided to continue giving them a few gifts instead. You can also see our Easter book collection here if you're looking for some nice stories to read to your little ones.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty xx

*Image credits, JoJo Maman Bebe website

Weekend Tot Style #7

This Mama Life
Hello again!

Sorry we are only just joining in Weekend Tot Style link up (ran by ThisMamaLife and  ClearlyBex) we have been a bit under the weather the last couple of days, so have been in our comfies!

Today saw Daddy home from the rugby and we were all feeling a little brighter, yey!!

It's a lovely sunny day so we nipped to the garden centre to get some Spring flowers to spruce up the front garden. The girls loved pottering around looking at pets, flowers, books and general tat!! It always takes us ages to get around as the old ladies love cooing over them!

Today Miss GL wore her H&M jumper, Next leggings, pink tutu, poncho and Chelsea boots.

Mini Miss GL wore her hand-me down TU pinny, vest & tights set. It's so lovely seeing the clothes being reused again. She of course wore her matching Next poncho, which everybody always loves when we wear them!

Thanks for reading!