Monday, 7 March 2016

The Ordinary Moments #2

You're all I ever wanted.

Welcome back to our Ordinary Moments post! I haven't had chance to do one for the last couple of weeks since this post, as life has been crazy busy but I am really going to make an effort to ensure I don't miss a week again. I think this is the perfect opportunity to document all the big, small, funny and wonderful adventures our little family encounters. I hope that when I'm an old lady I will look back on these posts with tears in my eyes, realising how privileged I've been to raise my beautiful girls and to have loved the life I live.

This week has been a wonderful one with our first educational day at preschool, a pony party, snow, too many cake and babichino dates and not forgetting Mothers Day!

Miss GL had her first World Book Day at Preschool. We were only told about it when I picked her up on the Wednesday afternoon, so it was panic stations!! It was my first oh my gosh get your bum in gear and get her the best costume you possibly can... but you can't go out as baby is napping and hubby is working late.. arrgghh you can't let her down moment!! I waded through her dressing up box, debating in my head if Doc McStuffins, Elsa, Cinderella,  mini mouse had been in books, could it be world comic day instead? They I stumbled across our unicorn hat and our mermaid costume. Miss GL (and mummy and daddy) is a big fan of the Julia Donaldson books, Sugarlump the Unicorm and The Singing Mermaid. At the minute she is a big fan of unicorns and the magical wonder that surrounds them. She always wishes for one when she throws a penny in the fountain, blows out a candle or when I ask her what dream she would like the BFG to bring for her. I thought I might just be a lil bit out there and create uni-maid and combine the two, after all if you can't rock it when you're three, when can you!

However my SIL bought her the mermaid costume from her time working in America, she was so thrilled to recieve a gift all the way from Mickey and Mini America! Miss GL is missing her Aunty since she returned to her job abroad and I know the feeling is mutual. We decided that it would be a nice opportunity for Aunty D to be with her on a big day, the singing mermaid it was!

On the day she wasn't too fond of her tail, mainly because her little sister seemed to think you could ride a mermaid and the tail was the reins! All the children in her class looked amazing! The mix of fantastic homemade costumes, quick dash to the supermarket sparkly costumes, the extravagant most have taken a lot of effort costumes, the Christmas costumes and not really sure what they are costumes all looked wonderful together.

At first I did go into crazy mum mode but really I should have started from her favourite book and gone from there. I don't think that it matters to be honest what they children wear, if it is technically a book either, for me World Book Day is about enjoying the escapism stories offer. Through books you can learn so much about those near and far, the beauty that is everywhere, the meaning of kindness. feel like you've travelled the world, space or imaginary wonderland, and that anything is possible if you believe it.

On the book front, this week also saw us change our book shelves to home our Easter themed stories (you see our blog post here). It's so lovely to rediscover these books each year, I hope one day my grandchildren will enjoy reading them as much as their mothers have.

This week also saw Miss GL get her first 'big girls' toy, Shopkins! I feel like she has really grown up the last few weeks and is now happily handing over her Peppa pig toys to her sister to treasure for the next couple of years.

Mini Miss GL is such a cute, cheeky little character! This week her favourite activity has been to chuck the dollies out of the pram so she can sit in it to watch television! She isn't a fan of her sister going to Preschool and is delighted to be reunited with her best buddy! All the children at preschool adore her and often want her to come play too. This week she has started to say please, dog, woof woof, bird, keys, tubs (Teletubbies) and singing Let It Go! She is so affectionate so it is very easy to forgive her for spilling a whole box of cereal all over the kitchen!

We woke up on Friday to the snow falling, the girls were so excited! We then took a snowy car ride up the hills to where the girls were invited to a pony party for their friends birthday party. Miss GL has been friends with the birthday girl since they were a few weeks old so although it's wonderful to see them growing up, it is also a little sad to think those tiny babies are heading out of toddler territory and into being little girls. We have been before but then Mini Miss GL was only a few months old so couldn't really get involved... she made up for it this time! They all had a wonderful time putting ribbons on the horses, painting their hooves with glitter, riding them around and patting them! It was a great morning and saw the girls munching birthday cake in the snow fall, moments that childhood are made of.

Saturday saw another proud mum moment, my big girl turned to her sister and said, "you're all I ever wanted". Moments like this make you thankful that they were given the gift of a sibling. Their love for one another grows beyond belief every single day. Of course they bicker over who can play with the Magi-Clip dollies, which cup the other one is allowed to have, who will have the first go on the swing and who got to Daddy first welcome him home, but evidently the important things they agree on.

This weekend of course saw Mother's Day, which always makes me feel so lucky to have this important role / title.

I'd always chose you, my girls. I adore your wonderful ways, your twinkly eyes, your stunning smiles, your so very kind hearts, the sound of your laughter, your thoughtful words, your endless joy, your zest for life, your compassion for others, your love for one another ... Just everything about wonderful amazing both of you! You both shine because you're truly amazing little people. I am endlessly thankful to be blessed with you both & for you giving me the most important and reward role ever, your mummy, thank you my darlings. 

I am also very lucky to have a wonderful mum who would do anything for the girls and I. Mother's Day is like everything becoming increasingly commercialised and although you should display your love and appreciation from the important ladies in your life all year round, it is a good excuse to give them an extra pamper. Saturday the girls and I spent time wrapping gifts, making cards and writing them. Miss GL can confidently write her full initials and some letters of her first name as well as MASSIVE kisses so she loves to show off her talents! Mini Miss GL also loves drawing with the occasional lick of the crayon of course!

The most important thing I received was my first Mother's Day card made at preschool. I absolutely love it! She was so excited to give it to me in an envelope she had made herself too, and I couldn't have been more thrilled to be given it. To her teachers this is probably a nice activity for them to do and part of the activity calender but I am so thankful that they found time to help my little girl to make me something I will always treasure. I am trying to pick out a pretty frame to protect it in, I can't find one that doesn't take too much attention away from it but also does it justice. 

Mr GL must have read my post about my Mother's Day wish list and given it his/their own twist! I received the loveliest (and colour coordinating!!) bundle of goodies! 

I was also made the scrummiest breakfast by my head chef and his sous chefs! The best gift was of course cuddles with my girlies.

Wow this week really has been a good en! Hope you all had a lovely week too!

Thanks for reading! 

Kirsty xx


  1. Aw what a lovely post and what a busy and jam packed week you have had. I love your daughter's costume, she makes a gorgeous mermaid and they look beautiful all dressed up in their little matching outfits for mothers day. x