Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Ordinary Moments #1

You can't change the world but you absolutely can change someone's world.

Welcome to our first ever Ordinary Moments post! I have loved reading other peoples posts over the last year and it spurred me on to set up my own blog to document all the up, downs and crazy moments that we encounter each week in our little family!

As you'll have seen in my previous post about our Valentines book collection, we love celebrating festivals / special occasion. Due to the nature of my work I am all too familiar unfortunately with how short and precious life is... and how today, right now, is the time to pack as much as possible into it! So we have had fabulous love filled week, packed full with time with our favourite people doing lovely things!

This week started with a real proud mum, a pinch yourself kind of moment! Miss GL is a really kind hearted little girl, who loves wholeheartedly and endlessly. For a just turned three year old she is a sensitive deep thinker. In the midst of an advert break between back to back Peppa Pig (arrrggghh!!) a charity advert come on centred around disadvantaged, poorly, starving children in Africa. Miss GL was devastated to watch this poor little baby with "the most gorgeous smile" look so sad and lifeless until he was cared for by the doctors and fed. I explained, in a way suitable for an inquisitive three year old,  how unjust the world is and how that could have easily been one of us. I explained that for a her pocket money we could help one little child like this little baby. Miss GL loves to get a comic every now and then as a treat with her spends.... she told me to take her drawn on comic back to the shop for a refund and to pop the money in the post Mama before the postie comes! I was so proud when my little love decided that she would like to send her spends from now on to a child who needs a little bit of kindness. Everyone needs and deserves a little bit of kindness, some more so than others. I am a great believer in that you can't change the world but you absolutely can change someone's world.

This week saw us bid a fond farewell to my sister-in-law who is returning to her job abroad. Since she came home at the end of last year the clock has been ticking, like the elephant in the room, to her return. I think we were all hoping the lure of the soggy British weather would sway her into staying! haha I don't think so!! Last weekend the realisation that it was her last weekend at home for nine months hit everyone... so the only way to get rid of the blues was to have a good family get together! It was a lovely!

Miss GL has been very emotional about her only aunty going away again, so to cheer her up my SIL and MIL joined me to pick her up from preschool. We went out for a lovely lunch and afternoon of fun. Although we were all really sad to see her go yesterday we were also delighted to see her wipe her tears away and confidently head for departures where her dreams await.

Of course we can't forget Valentines Day!

This week I have tried to centre our crafts and activities play around Valentines Day or a general love theme for a little variety. We have made cards for our loved ones and their friends, baked cupcakes, had heart themed lunches, learnt to draw and cut out hearts, made Hedgehugs (our favourite book) with some old odd socks for our garden hedgehogs, made Frozen hearts ice cream (just vanilla ice cream thats melted a bit with marshmallows and strawberry sauce added and refrozen) and bought treats for our favourites.

For me Valentines Day isn't about expensive gifts or big showy gestures, its more about laughing away another day with my wonderful little family, all together just being us. Mr GL and I have been together for 14 years now so we have done all the romantic gestures, massive cards, clammy overpriced red roses (not my favourite flowers!) and awkward meals where the couple next to you are either not talking, arguing or putting on a PDA!! Nowadays I am lucky enough to receive a heart felt card from my three loves, a gorgeous bunch of my favourite blooms, a hand picked bunch of flowers with a tinsy bit of grass in it for good measure from the littlies, a little lie-in followed by a scrummy breakfast and lunch out where as usual we all never stop talking and giggling. This to me is prefect!

So we have had a busy, teary, happy, crafty week really!

Thanks for reading everyone xx

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