Sunday, 31 January 2016

Matalan Spring Home Haul

I am a great believer that its not how much something costs, its how well you style it that matters. I am a great bargain hunter, even more so now I am a mummy. I love how I can pick up a few home accessories and quickly change the look of a room in a relatively in expensive way.

One of my favourite home stores is Matalan, So imagine my delight when I had to go near our local store on Friday!

Since my last visit they have gotten lots of lovely new stock in. I absolutely love every item on this spring cleaning display. Their household range is really reasonable and incredibly similar to the more expensive brands. I adore the laundry basket and with a basket like this it might make doing the laundry slightly more appealing, right?!

I sadly didn't come away with any of these household items, as my basket was filled instead with these gorgeous tea, coffee and sugar canisters that were £10. I've been looking for some big canisters for a while as I love a good cuppa tea so go through a lot of tea bags! I have just sold my old canisters on my local buy and sell page for £10 so this meant that they didn't cost me any extra and i could justify getting them!

I loved this hen egg storage basket, it looks so much prettier than my normal egg boxes! We have solid oak worktops and whilst they may look nice they aren't particularly practical, so when I saw this stylish yet functional trivet I had to get it. These few items have given my kitchen a new fresh look.

I also picked up this beautiful large pomegranate and amber candle which was a fantastic £10. It smells gorgeous, very similar to my more expensive branded pomegranate candle.

I'd love to hear if any nice home wares have caught your eye recently.

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